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Tron is a 1982 American science fiction action-adventure film written and directed by Steven Lisberger from a story by Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird. The film stars Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer and video game developer who is transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer where he interacts with programs in his attempt to escape; it also stars Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner, Cindy Morgan, and Barnard Hughes. Tron, along with The Last Starfighter, has the distinction of being one of cinema's earliest films to use extensive computer-generated imagery (CGI). -- From Wikipedia

Welcome to my collection of Tronities! Oddities related to Tron!
This page is a spinoff to my first Tron-related webpage where I rank every depiction of Tron I can find. In my searches for new Trons, I'd find things that are related to Tron (the movie series), but weren't specific enough to the character for me to warrant including it as an entry on my silly little list. So, instead I'm making this! A page where I can document some of the weird things I find related to Tron the movie(s), character, games, franchise, whatever! Enjoy!!

If you have suggestions for something to include on this page, hit me up on twitter/tumblr/protonmail @fltwoodsmonster

- Inagural issue of Disney Channel Magazine
-Tron Robolox game
- Disneyland 30th Anniversary Special
- Disney on Ice
- ElecTRONica
- Whatever the fuck Disney is doing at SDCC 2022. IDK whats going on there
- The Tron Coaster(s)
- The Tron Ice Hotel
- The Tron Gamer Keyboard
- All the damn mobile games (Sorcer's Arena, Mirrorverse, Heroes)
-Disney Infinity